Meet the E-Board


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Jeannine Sheinberg


Jeannine is currently a Senior at Stern studying Marketing and Finance with concentrations in Luxury Marketing and Management Consulting. She has been involved with LARA since Freshman year where her interests has taken her to various internships including Hermes and Accenture. Jeannine is planning to pursue  her passion for retail through consulting, bringing digital innovation to clients. In her free time, Jeannine enjoys spending time with her family and friends over a good bottle of wine and a trip to Murray's Cheese.

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Justin Lochan

Vice President

Justin Lochan is Senior at Stern co-concentration in Marketing and Management and following the luxury marketing track. Over this past summer Justin interned for Macy’s a Digital Merchant in Women’s Collections, Bridge and Designer Brands and he will be returning to Macy’s post graduation in their Executive Development Program. When he’s not on campus, you can find Justin at the newest fashion exhibit, watching broadways shows, getting lost in Central Park or photographing all of his fun adventures. Follow him @justinlochan13

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Kevin Jung

Director of Finance

Kevin Jung is a junior studying marketing and operations. His interests include watching classic movies, baseball, and shopping. He is currently a marketing intern at Ermenegildo Zegna.

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Liza Sakhaie 

Director of Communications

Liza, our Head of Communications, is a junior in Stern concentrating in Marketing and Computing and Data Science.  Her involvement with LARA started Freshman year, sparking her interest in luxury and retail and taking her to internships ranging from fashion to consulting for the luxury industry. Her passions include music, spending time in Israel and exploring NYC.

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Sona Shekhawat

Conference Director

Sona is a junior in Stern double majoring in Marketing and Sustainable Business. She is on the luxury marketing track. In her spare time, she runs a blog about art, travel, fashion, and beauty. She is interested in entrepreneurship in the fashion and beauty space. 

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Jonathon Peng

Director of Operations

Jonathon is currently the operations director for LARA this year. He is a sophomore studying finance and computing data science with an interest in luxury and fashion.

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Maria Luiza Torres

Director of Outreach

Maria Luiza Torres, our Head of Outreach, is a sophomore in Stern, concentrating in Marketing and Finance, and minoring in Politics. Although she is also interested in banking, she hopes to work in the luxury marketing industry in the future. Maria is from Brazil and is always interested in meeting new people. She loves traveling, going to the beach, and checking out new restaurants in the city.

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Joanna Zhu

Director of Marketing

Joanna is currently a sophomore at NYU Stern. She plans on majoring in Marketing and Finance with a minor in Graphic Design. She is interested in the future of luxury retail and she keeps up with fashion and art trends in her free time. Outside of academics, she loves illustration and cartoons, especially Rick and Morty and Bob’s Burgers. If you want to passionately discuss and/or bing-watch a cartoon, feel free to reach out.

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